YUNG RO - Fresha Den A Mall

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I don't think ya'll understand wat fresha den a mall is, I'm on a whole another plane, Everything custom, I'm wrapped up in the finest (


It's ya boi fresha boi neva extra boi, first it's squared up like a checkerboard could check the board, of health so fresh so clean, future so bright catch a gleam manifest a dream, now it's wood box jeans I call em box springs, hot as a hot spring, these prada socks clean, under these rock jeans, top with a rock theme, de nada amigo, come on fly with me people, I came to take ya there, fresha den green air yea we shoot the scene there, by miss lady in a green pair of gucci heels, my team here still rolling like a movie reel, rawer than a sushi bill, supa real gotta kno I'm


Boobie ewww but lil cutie I'll, she need a pill, Ysl on her seal, think she feelin how I feel, kicks harder than da ville, may the true colors reveal, supa orange space green swagga dagga teal, I'm always on go you should yield keep it real, step up in the spot it's goin down like you nilled, went in like a drill, now fresh is how I live (Aye) Fresh fit, fresh whip, supa fresh crib, at haters neck like bibs cus lil mamma callin dibs, she call her man a fib, he be lyin like a chicken leave him fryin in the kitchen, I'm with it so get lost, I'm spending what it cost fresha den ya take off so


Now dat I put you online, Hopefully you with the program, supafly youngin, Ro, Black Pearl, Beastaz, Fresha den a mall man

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