YUNG RO - Feels Good To Be A.......

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(feat. Slim Thug)


Yeah, Slim Thugger

Yung Ro, Color Changin' Click

Boss Hogg Outlawz, Paid In Full

Boyz-N-Blue, damn it feels good to be a gangsta yeah

[Slim Thug]

Damn it feel good, to be a gangsta

A young ghetto superstar, on the block

All the kids in the hood, look up to the Boss

Cause they see me, with the ice and the drops

I'm the one niggaz call, when shit jump off

Cause they know I'm never scared, to blast

And if you talk down, on my side or my hood

I'm quick to put a hole, in your ass

O.G. Slim Thugger's, what they call me

All the young G's, give me they respect

Cause I made it out the hood, and a nigga living good

But I still, look out for my set

All the chicks, wanna be in my presence

Just to witness all the riches, and the power

They never seen a young teen, grow up to be a king

Getting what they make in a year, in a hour

All the while, I don't let the cash impress me

Cause I've been a young hustler, from the start

It's just all my hard work, slowly paying off

Cause God knows, I'm a hustler in the heart

See I never let the money, or fame change me

You can still catch Slim, in the streets

And even though I rap now, still keep a strap now

Tucked up, under the seat

So all I gotta say, to you wanna-be gonna-be

Dick sucking, motherfucking prankstas

When the shit goes down, what the fuck you gon do

Damn it feels good, to be a gangsta


Yeah, we take pride in what we do

And personally I'd like to describe myself, as a nobody though

You feel me, I don't give a fuck what you do my nigga

Whatever you do take pride in it you feel me, feel good

[Yung Ro]

Damn it feel good, to be a nobody

Well respected, you can call me Yung Ro

You see my name ring bells, from movies to doing flows

But I still, got so far to go

So I keep on grinding, with my head up

And realize, I done came a long way

But my mind's on the future, and my future's unpredictable

I can't stay crunk, about today

So behind all the fame, and the lime light

I'm bout bidness, everyday of the week

Cause I got people depending on me, and they can't understand

How I can come home, without food to eat

But when I'm grinding, and I'm tired of it all

Telling God I'm sick and tired, of this place

It ain't a feeling in this world, that can compare to the look

Of appreciation, on my mama's face

So I hold it down, for my T. Lady

My kin folk, and my niggaz on the block

Right boogie when I can, and send 'em words of inspiration

Cause I know, it get hard on lock

So when I come to your city, doing shows mayn

Show love, when you see me fall through

Just holla nobody, and I swear I'll holla back

Cause that's how, real nobody's do

Now throw your set in the air, if you gang bang

Affiliated, or just love the hood

Could give a fuck where you from, if you real it's one hundred

That's my word homie, it's all good

So when you hear me on a song, screaming nobody

You gotta know what it mean, to be a nobody

To say nobody, huh g'yeah

Damn it feel good, to be a nobody

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