YUNG RO - Closer

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I wanna be closer, to you

[Yung Ro:]

What's up homie you know me, one of many with smile face

Still complaining about this life, full of pain with a small plate

But I understand your plan, and you the man

And now that I'm hurt, I desperately need to hold your hand

Cause over the years this pain, has made our relationship much stronger

I'm patient and much stronger, but still facing this bad karma

For real it's too real, you see these vibes I'm getting

Mistreated by my own blood, you hear these lies I'm getting

But these guys forgive em, me too cause I am sinning

Trying to find peace in places, the devil disguised and hidden

I'm drowning in my own sin, realizing my pain

Losing faith losing love, all flushed down the drain

What can I do to maintain, I tried my girl and family

Find myself alone in tears, dear God how can it be

Or can it be all for a reason, because we just need you

Well if so then so it be, and let them see the message too


Close, close I gotta get close

You gotta keep a piece of mind, I know I do

I ain't perfect

[Yung Ro:]

Dear God I'm scarred, I'm trying it's hard

You right it's easy, I'm close it's far

It's dark I'm cold, I'm wrong I know

I'm trying I'm dying, I'm crying my soul

Is searching for forgiveness, I'm trying to do better

I can't sleep it's sic o'clock, and I'm writing you this letter

Show my people I love em, because they breaking my heart

Show me a sign, should we work it out or just stay apart

I just wanna play a part, in your righteous path

I can't drive this car alone, because I might just crash

They say I take things too serious, I'm taking that serious

And God to be serious, I think I am too serious

But you made me who I am, and Yung Ro proud

I don't know I don't know, what's beyond them clouds

But I do know love, and I thought that through you

But sometimes I give up, and I don't know what to do


I was just thinking, relationships

No desire, how close you is to that person

Now I messed up, anyway

[Yung Ro:]

Dear God my baby's hurting, I don't know what to do

So I sent a prayer out to her, guide her ship and help her through

Help us make it through this pain, I wanna learn this lesson

I felt the love was so real, but it just wasn't destined

A lot of questions lot of guessing, as I start to look back

We made a lot of mistakes, and ended up where we at

But that's that, and truthfully I wish I could take it back

Do something different try harder, anything but that

But that plus that, made me realize that

And when I saw it face to face, I had to swallow that fact

I learned a lot from that what's that, that's nobody's bidness

Just know I'm truthfully sorry, and ask for your forgiveness

And God as my witness, I'm a very troubled man

Thought I was right I wasn't, thought I did didn't understand

But one thing I do know, if it was meant to be

We'll get closer than maybe not, who knows we'll see


Yeah close, I ain't gave up

I ain't gon worry myself though

Lastly, God I'm gon get closer bet that

You are now with the world's greatest

Yung Ro, Mr. Pain Mr. Nobody

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