YUNG RO - Candy Gurl

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It's Yung Ro, BP, XP, Candy yeaa


Thicka den a snicka, Sweeta den a Jolly Rancher

She a Twizzler, I got dat Goodbar for lil mamma call me Mr.

Tell me bout yo candy gurl, cus I kno dat u a Candy Gurl

She pourin out like sum skittles

Assorted like sum laffy taffies and I'm da riddle

Shakin her lil whatchamacallit she kno I saw it

Tell me bout yo candy gurl, cus I kno dat u a Candy Gurl


Now and later wit da flavor, look so good I just might taste her

Hella evasive like sum Boston Beans u kno I wanna baker her

Backseat dark tent she fresha den a york mint,

I'm not wit dat sweet tart scent I'm tryna go all in

Make a Starburst then it's Gucci for ya purse,

Dooney Dooney for ya burkes maybe Newlies after church

U say u chewie and dat works, lookin juicy in dat skirt

Colors like fruities in dat shirt, shorty so sharp I might get hurt yeaa

My money greena it's Mr. Buttafinga

More notes than a singer I seen her and wanna queen her,

And she pressin like a steamer so I lean in

Tell her if u a dreamer we team up and put our teams in


U wanna play den u can play, wanna stay den u can stay

On payday I'm da milky way da hataz bout 2 hate

Cus they broke like a Kit Kat dat chit chat can wait

I got big stacks and big racks come get wit da great yeaa

Like a bag of M&Ms watch her shake

Now she open not a lake it's a ocean

And guess who in it floatin

Who's your favorite candy I'm votin

Her kisses look like Hersheys so u kno lil mamma chosin

Sizzlin like sum pop rocks, Harder than a Jawbreaka

Sour patch drop top all she want is flavor

Chocolate factory crib and Ro be da maker

I see em out thurr bitin but my eyes just ate her

Might date her, elevate her, gravitate her

Penetrate her, Have her marchin for my cause demonstrate her

I just let the hook bait her if she fallin off the wall I replace her

Neva chase her might navigate her straight to da paper I like em


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