YUNG RO - Both Sides Of The Story

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Much more important, than the pain we suffer

Is our response to the pain, I'ma let y'all hear

Both sides of the story, who's side are you on

[Yung Ro]

Say where I'm from the days are cold, nights are colder

The streets on fire, keep me talking to the two sitting on my shoulder

(before you leave grab them gats), so I turned back

And seconds before I hit 360, (son you don't wanna do that)

But the last voice spoke calm, so I here I stand gat in my palm

But the other began to speak louder, (what are you waiting for come on)

And to be honest I chose the aggressive voice, it was easy

Followed any road he choose no matter the risk, wherever he lead me

(they want you dead), so I was paranoid so scared to go to sleep

(you see I'm watching you), riding through the city mad at the world invented my creep

Seen a familiar face at the club one night, just trying to have a drink

Then he bumped me and a voice yelled (shoot), before I could even think

And then I fell to the floor, shot in the chest

Together we layed on the floor, felt funny when our eyes connect

I saw the pain in his eyes, so I searched for that other voice fast

Embarrassed to ask for mercy or help, and heard the other voice laugh

[talking in background]

How do I ease the pain, when I know the devil coming back

You know, they say war's inevitable, which is why it is essential

That we study it, and equip thy selves with the right tools to fight

So grant me the serenity, to accept the names I cannot change

Courage to change the thangs that I can, the wisdom to know the difference

[Hook x2]

How can I, ease the pain

When I know you coming after me

How can I, ease the pain oooh

[Yung Ro]

Dear Father, I'm having problems controlling myself

Rather talk to you nobody understands, so I roll by myself

On this road by myself, but never neglecting those two footprints

Cause when I was lost and fell behind, look where Jesus went

Right in the front and I love him for that, and not to mention

We been chopping some game up, he helping me trying to get it back

You know love that is, cause I admit I'm running low

Trying to ease this pain on my own way, ha that I know

Foolish of me right, (no son you're human and humans make mistakes)

But ain't I responsible for my actions, and which road I take

(you're being too hard on yourself son, remember you were born in sin)

I know but I'm ashamed for being weak, and letting the devil always win

(he only wins when you give up), man I ain't gave up

Got a few scars and suffered some pain, but ay I'm a soldier I play it tough

(well raise up) man I'm up, (son be proud of who you are)

What about my depression and in securities, (they're not the truth by far)

And I believe that and I need that in my life, just like that Juve song

But I weave back cause they feed that negativity, yeah they do me wrong

(son you know the weight of this road), yeah you right let me stop complaining

(you have my mercy if you need it), man Lord it get hard but I'm just saying

I'm a man (but a child of mine), so I praise you

And try my best to make you proud, what I owe you is more than I gave you

But I'm trying to get paid too, in this crooked bidness that's full of snakes

Don't know what the future hold so lately your boy, ain't been feeling great

Now what can I do to stop this pain, I took a look at the sky

Asked for forgiveness and felt the ease, just as soon as I apologized

[Hook x2]


Pain, suffering ha, or is it just discipline from God

Many try to find out the difference, who is the author of suffering

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