Yung Berg

Yung Berg - The Sandlot

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Come kick it with a virgo

Come kick it with a virgo

Red on the B

Hit makin





lay out, a nigga got everything you want in this world you know

keep that bitch with chat, racks on that chat

niggas that who I want from our birthday man

Well I die bury me up in the studio

when I die bury me up in the studio

All I want for my birthday is a hit with your girl

All I want for my birthday is a hit with your girl

my nigga ball the bitch, ball the bitch for me

song write the shorty I get rico love money

benz on benz need the plug money

all this carries on my neck could bees with Bugs bunny

looking at these hoes who I'm gonna fuck tonight

kill, drop he sipo when you dick like dynamite

Porsche panamara and it shine oh why

kill it on your own song, you can die tonight

just met a new sang it and I 80 yale

shawty got a ass on em, my local Michelle

put the Rome and my homies I ain't met the twail

you hoes ain't gonna have me on no paper trail

Come magazine and fuck you girl am I cool crace

and my crib is so big, I'ma need bounce and roommates

fuck about brother use my schullate

these hoes I skip you like school days

I steal you bitch like a bullet

some hackin no suit case

I fuck her and then I..she walk around an sing my lyrics

I'm a private jet and you stare

got a gun I'ma show her like a parent

my ron up my switches and I'm rising all my mention

I'm a white boy I ride boy but burg you steal my..

I spit flames this beat is like the fluent

they tell me I look crazy for making this type of music

them strippers looking at me like I ain't that type of person

but I'll be throwin money cashin like micro Ervin


Te-tear-tear it out some burbin looking like the plane clothes

Me embarrassed place fuck the same hoes,

me in both place got the same bitches

only different scenes I don't gotta spend no riches

rounding round that east side

have a dope since lead high

call me a bomb I got paper like we tea box

band so make her dance, come to make her come

put that dick inside but that bitch is gonna run

met you for a..

all I want for my birthday is a couple friends

Come kick it with a virgo

Come kick it with a virgo

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