Yung Berg

Yung Berg - Real Life

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Listen, trying to get back to the top They say it's rain after sunshine No one end up back on the block It's not a game with these punch lines And they say a nigger change Well that's the way the game made me My family be all they saying Shit, I ain't hear they beef Bottles popping, drinks flowing Gotta live life in these moments Niggers tell me that I'm never gonna make it to the place it used to be Pay them no mind and keep smoking Got inner neck beef about a nigger neck peace Say I got a son but she never met me Could have been father if a nigger play smarter That just fuse my fire, gotta work harder Look at my life, everybody judging me Probably cause I'm right where they wanna be I'm chilling at the low, y'all niggers at the double tree Should there never be another me I call this the life after, I know the sound's kinda crazy right Broke my heart when a nigger lost casher Named a song that I didn't write But she had plans to doing better Why the fuck you mix bizness with pleasure Used to be best friends, now I can't see the nigger even when I'm looking at him So now I'm looking past him, moving forward and I order leave ... Block sites can't stop my passion, what happens next can't imagine Shot town did a dvd, infrared did a ELP Thinking back ... used to be Only count little layer ... I was the youngest out of everybody Gotta pay respect to the past If this song was ... to leave, how it made me shit when it all goes bad He came to my video, say he felt like a proud parent Doctor beef was down there, where the fuck we go wrong Eric? And I'm mad cause you tried to ... me Or you mad cause you built...almost burned down Said you paid for my first piece of pussy, pussy Got it in with 2 bust down Can't front I still love you niggers Even know you tried to kill my campaign Having niggers talking like yo the city ain't fucking with you Yet still I remain, and I wish y'all the best Don't get offended by my words, Just help me get it off my chest ... ice berg Talked to Billy Jay yesterday, at the bar he sat beside of me You said I fucked up everything Call it the death of a dynasty Used to be with Hollywood, and damn I should have fucked dynasty ...premiere seen a nigger in a lambo, it was like highway robbery And holyday was my nigger, but I don't let nigger lie to me Is it cause I went and fuck Gina first Rob you? You were robbing me! Now he's after days later, still go hard, chase paper One of these homes gotta stick Everything I do is be major, Can't tell me how a bitch hate on you And it was really hard being anti social Could have had a lot of nigger behind me, ... But I guess I'm stuck with T mobil And still got your names on my back Even seen Kat yesterday, told them that all the love that I have Is the reason my ... and got a date Did I really did you nigger wrong? The truth hurts I'm away forward All the damage that was done in my career Guess a nigger really pay for it But this time everything is different And don't act like you can't nodes That a nigger self made God's the only one to blame for.

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