Yung Berg

Yung Berg - Interlude

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You know, always been a starter yung'un don't do beach

Home grind derby, I'm headed for the feets

But instead of niggaz standin up and cheer for me

Wanna see my momma cry, homies pour beer for me

I mean, once again I'm a product what you made me

Solid as a Roc I couldn't sign with Jay-Z

See first Infrared, and then Bloodline

Now I'm a young boss and shorty it's grill time

Back tatted for my niggaz cause I love mine

And now this real talk, is no punchline

Yeah, and I ain't speakin no riddles

My bro had squares with stamps in the middle

He used to take trips they would pack up the rental

Pop was at the crib, still workin on a demo

Yung livin reckless, blowin on chronic

Momma sent me off to school, said her son was demonic

Secluded from the world, I couldn't see trees

But it gave me time to grow a little, time to do me

Writin raps in my head no beat

Fucked up bed, one pillow, no sheet

And my pops wrote a letter in about a month it reads

"Your time's comin soon you'll be out in a week"

I moved out to Cali with my big sister Eve

She had faith in a yung'un she just told me BELIEVE~!


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