Yummy Bingham

Yummy Bingham - U Ain't Ready lyrics

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Why? Cuz I'm so fly ya dummy

Flowin just livin into ya spine

Its nothin in ya mind

U dont get it, but overtime hopefully it'll come rite back & rewind in da end cuz i'm so mmm, mmm, good

Why? Don't ask cuz I ain't meant 2 be understood

Just kno I'm a lil bit of HOOD wit a splash of CLASS

Finer than WINE, YUMMY AKA da spaz

Verse 1

(Boy) I don't think you understand

(What) You're doin 2 me, doin 2 me

(You) Got me shakin in my hands & I got plans 4 u 2nite

That might make this thing rite, cuz U


Aint ready, U aint ready (Ooh)

Aint ready, U aint ready

U dont have a clue with what i'm gonna do 2 u

Get ready, U get ready (Oh, Oh)

Get ready, U get ready

2nite I'm gonna see what it's like 2 have u all 2 me

Verse 2

(Boy) I hope you've prepared yourself

(For) what i got 4 u, got 4 u

(Come) a little closer, dont be shy

Cuz i'm not lettin go (no) until 2morrow



I came 2 dance away all my pain

And u need 2 be the 1 2 help me (Blow off some mighty steam)

Take my mind off of everything

Take all control over me

So i can let go & blow off some mighty steam

Hook 2xs<br />

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Thanks to Sean Kelly

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