Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma - Song For Zoe & Gwen lyrics

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She's white as a clover

Imagining it lost

We'd have some new places

Where you always waited

The moment when we had to belong

If no-one can hear you

You're not too young to cry

Something is wrong

Then I go again

Said 'why don't you associate ties?'


And even if your dream is fading

A feeling like I'm neva gonna sleep again

As long as there's more white chasing

Although we're gonna be numb again

You'll never reach a heartbeat faster

Whenever you should try one through the night

I wish we could return to each other

You can't hide, I'll write a song for Zoe and Gwen

(Verse 2)

What if there were changes?

What if you'd none to say?

You're meetin' the differey

Losin' yo spirey

You don't know not a word that she said

Those times are behind us

There's nothing else to do

We throw all the mantles

And keep our memories

You need to come and say something new


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