Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma - Second Wave lyrics

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You're hunt in the rain

I wonder how you can sleep not much now

This time come on now

Don't bother whether you've got nothing

How could you thought you were waste my time

Whenever we start

Take notice that's us for now

Stay calm and wait up for the signal

You know that I'm running away

Burning with the silver ______(?)


Give me all your moonlight and trouble

Just call me when you seem scared

I forgot when we met in the garden

You don't need to worry, no

'Cause you know our back's against the wall

You think I think about it

Acting like you never call

I never think about it

And I want to play it cool

I know it's agonizing

So tell what I owe to you

Thanks to zheikone for correcting these lyrics

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