Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma - Dodi lyrics

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How alone do you wanna go?

I think I need to be seen

So do you wanna go close to me?

By the way, we can wander around

Do you think we can go?

See you covered in misery


So don't wait, whatever you think about it

I'm not scared to forget it all

I feel safe whenever you look in the mirror

It's my land coming up

Whatever it takes to keep you around me

Don't stop, keep up, I'll give you some more

Whatever it takes to keep you by my side

Tonight tonight tonight

Cuz when you touch me I get cold

In your love, say it's true

Cuz even ____(?) when it's just me and you

It's ok, boy, we're through

Cuz here with you is what I'm meant to do

(Verse 2)

We're outside with the creeps in the street

I feel my love is complete

Although I know you won't stay tonight

Go wild when I look in your eyes

When your hand brushes mine

And we're _____(?) to other guys


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