YUKMOUTH - It's In My Blood Part Ii

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*(dmg)*<br><br>Yeah.<br>Make sure that shit be playin real loud.<br>(me and yuk you know.)<br><br>Verse 1 *(dmg)*<br><br>Uh<br>Now once again<br>Me and my nigga<br>It's in my blood<br>We straight killas<br>I be the d and to the m an the m and to the g<br>Comin from the m-p-l-s, s-t-p<br>All say it wit me<br>St. paulin<br>Southside niggas<br>Forever ballin<br>Lead you to the circle, meet niggas wit purple eyes<br>Can't forget my niggas who live on the north side<br>Could you club what? <br>G-d's<br>Throw up yo fins nigga<br>It's all mighty<br>Now what it is, it's part two nigga<br>It's brand new (brand new)<br>Juss fo' you<br>Now where you from nigga? <br>I'm from the mid-west<br>Who want some nigga? <br>I leave yo shit wet<br>Now is it you nigga? <br>You got the balls? <br>Well bring it on nigga, I kills ¡®em all<br>I thought you knew nigga<br>Oh you ain't hear the first? <br>It's in my blood nigga<br>But now it's way worse<br>It's in my blood.<br><br>(it's in my mutha fuckin blood! nigga!)<br><br>Chorus *(yukmouth)*<br><br>It's in my blood<br>Smokin sweets, drink 40's to the suds<br>And fuckin wit these thugs nigga<br>It's in my blood<br>You wonder why us niggas be hustalas<br>And out there sellin drugs nigga<br>It's in my blood<br>That drug money, stuff that shit up under the rug<br>And make them cops bug nigga<br>It's in my blood<br>Niggas like me turn niggas like you into hustalas<br>Fuckin wit thugs, fuckin wit us!<br><br>Verse 2 *(yukmouth)*<br><br>Regime life<br>Shit trife nigga<br>Slangin china white at night<br>Get light nigga<br>2 point 2 pounds of white<br>My shit tight nigga<br>What yo grip like? <br>Ship like a half a million when I'm fuckin wit mics<br>Bustin on mics<br>Wit 5 mics to back it<br>Kick the acrofacts on the cracks while my nigga d flip it backwards<br>Regime killas nigga<br>The captain<br>The king of crack and still rappin, bubble up makin moves<br>You niggas still jackin<br>That's why I'm livin ill, steel packin<br>Dive on top of niggas and feel like action jackson, wit my 9 mill<br>Blastin<br>A real assassin, juss invite me to your mansion homie<br>I bet a nigga'll come back that same night as a mask man demandin money<br>Pandamony<br>See my fam is hungry<br>Eat a can of phony emcees, then dump they ass in san antoni<br>Cuz niggas bologney like oscar myers<br>Mobb attire<br>Makin cops retire the way i, hurdle over barber wire<br>Fence this<br>I pimp shit<br>Relentless<br>The guiness book world record holder, for fuckin over the most bitches<br>Regime shit, the thug preachable<br>Individual-ly, put niggas faces up on the obituals<br>I was taught to get the doe<br>It's in my blood since I was crawlin on the rug<br>And pops was in the kitchen rockin up drugs<br>Yes sir!<br>Back then, I knew who I was, a thug<br>And still a thug until they make me feel the slugs nigga<br>It's in my blood!<br><br>*(chorus)* 2x

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