YUKMOUTH - Ice Cream Man

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*(yuk speakin)*<br><br>Listen, I bring to you.<br><br>(chimes)<br><br>Here ye, here ye!<br>Attention all dope fiends, haha!<br>This is a smoke-a-lot pre-sentation<br>Check it!<br>I bring to you.... the 5th ward mutha fuckin boyz!<br>An smoke-a-lot himself!<br><br>Chorus *(fa sho)*<br><br>I am a dope fiend an<br>(the ice cream factory)<br>I need my drugs<br>I bought 'em from the ice cream man<br>(in '98, posted up, posted up)<br>He's my neighborhood thug<br>I know I need to stop, but<br>I say no<br>(slang crack)<br>Cuz I'm a dope fiend an.... I need my drugs!<br><br>Verse 1 *(yukmouth)*<br><br>Nigga.<br>First you cut the stove up<br>450 degrees farienhiet<br>Mix the bakin soda wit the china white<br>Sugar delight, puruvian flake crack rock<br>Playa fill the pot up wit water, put the pot on the stove to make it hot<br>Then rock it up<br>Place the caviar in a jar full of boilin water, then shake it up<br>That's how I rock it up<br>Presice, before I chop it up<br>I sell it<br>My dope fiend test the product to see if I got the stuff<br>Packin gats incase I gots to bust<br>My cousin rode off in the wind wit two chickens, ever since then no<br>Nigga I can trust<br>Plus, family an business don't click<br>Cuz family members try to play you like a bitch<br>I'm quick to pistol whip this shit outta niggas like this<br>My niggas from the vill killin each other, go to jail an turn snitch<br>Like a bitch<br>Me, I slang double ups, half thangs an zips<br>Blueprints on how to bubble up, have thangs an grip<br>Digital triple beam at my lab<br>Breakin down slabs an bump a zipper<br>Nigga 28 grams wit the bag<br>Fuck it<br>Drop jag or a cutlass<br>My ice cream truck be the toughest.<br><br>Chorus *(fa sho)*<br><br>I am a dope fiend an<br>I need my drugs<br>I bought 'em from the ice cream man<br>Well, he's my neighborhood thug<br>I know I need to stop, but<br>I say no<br>Cuz I'm a dope fiend an.... I need my drugs!<br><br>Verse 2 *(007of the 5th ward boyz)<br><br>I scream<br>You scream<br>We all scream for ice cream<br>Trippin out these dope fiends<br>Bringin back all kinda things<br>T.v.'s, camcorders, vcr's, stereos<br>Beepers, cell phones, any thing they get they hands on<br>Nigga I don't want this shit<br>Bring me back some cash<br>Even dope fiend bitches try to get it for some ass<br>Bitch I don't want no pussy<br>I don't want no head<br>I see they drapped the preist, creepin, violation the police.<br><br>Verse 3 *(e-rock of the 5th ward boyz)<br><br>See we mobb figgas<br>Coke dealas<br>7-4-7 straight to oak-town hit 'em up wit yuk now<br>Yola snatchers<br>Made money, go-getters<br>Blood elapse ya<br>Turn around an pimp slap ya<br>I'ma make you love me bitch<br>Wit the cock or the rocks<br>Stockin up the million dolla spots<br>Rollin in ah<br>Candy coated '98 big body tahoe<br>Plenty dope smokers.<br><br>*(chorus)*<br><br>Verse 4 *(lo life of the 5th ward boyz)*<br><br>All I need is one bird<br>An I wont turn back<br>An I'm show you how to turn this tough, turf-town white powder to crack<br>An I keep my clip clacked, so<br>Please don't try an jack<br>In the midst of the transact, I found where the dope fiends at<br>I over react<br>After midnite, while sellin my cream<br>A dope fiends dream is to follow me, while, smokin out a screen<br>I drive by in my ice cream truck<br>Wit fiends run up<br>I got 'em touchin for the good stuff<br>White colored and blue<br>I got yo drugs!<br><br>Verse 5 *(yukmouth)*<br><br>I got yo drugs<br>Heron, infedamines an crack<br>Fiends get jacked<br>Fiends get slapped<br>Fiends that rap<br>They got me back an fourth<br>I'm tryin to shake the state<br>Bakin cakes<br>Razor blades<br>Kragen plates<br>Busta niggas they can hate<br>Slangin major weight<br>Thousand grams is a key<br>Outta town a pound of boogie brown cost a g<br>So I send it down<br>Couple a rounds, never lost to p<br>Never lost a g<br>Mutha fuckas never crossin me.<br><br>*(chorus)* 2x<br>(echos out)

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