YUKMOUTH - City Of Dope

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Gather 'round, gather 'round, hurry<br>Uh, welcome! uh, little boys and girls<br>Listen, I'm bout to lace y'all motherfuckers<br>About oakland, the city of dope<br>The first place in the world to ever sell base rock<br>Nigga, crack rock, they put it there to get rid<br>Of the panthers, but they really created this ballin<br>What, what, nigga<br><br>Verse 1:<br><br>Me and my niggas trying to ride drop<br>Buy rocks then we buy blocks<br>From the same dope fiends on my block who buy rocks<br>Want supply hot<br>Weight servin cakes like ihop<br>Ever since them last motherfuckers got shot<br>Police been hot on my spot<br>Spot cops fbi watch<br>Got fiber-optic shit up in the pole<br>Showing my whole clique on crime watch<br>We let non-stop and show our faces<br>So what the case is<br>We wide on tv but still the grind don't stop<br>Nigga this oakland, the city of dope<br>You know where that crack shit was invented<br>And smoked by these ghetto chemists years ago<br>On plymouth street we call the block<br>Plymouth rock<br>The first place like the world to ever sell base rocks<br>Now check it,<br>The legendary phoenix mitchell put it down<br>So tough they had to make a movie about the town<br>But called it nino brown<br>That bullshit new jack city<br>Is really based upon this place we call crack city<br>Oakland, cali we act shitty<br>Think crack's the answer<br>To get rid of these revolutionary black panthers<br>Smokin' blow and takin (? ? ? ) like jo-jo dancer<br>Or sniff it up your nose and ball out of control<br>Like tony montana<br>House in atlanta<br>3-car garage<br>Our ghetto superstars was hard<br>Young niggas touch a mil-ticket<br>Before they life behind bars<br>Niggas get caught with like eighty kilos<br>Hidden in the wall<br>But shit ain't hidden at all<br>From these cocaine sniffin dogs<br>Same with the law<br>Shit in your draws when they get your ass<br>And let the ballers ball, get the cash<br>Till they get to your ass<br>I've never seen a baller fall on his knees<br>And snitch so fast<br>Plea bargain run after them niggas<br>That hang out with your ass<br>No wonder why that bitch-ass nigga got out<br>So quick, so fast<br>Came on the block my niggas saw you<br>Choppin' it up with task<br>Now that's a violation<br>Nigga can't chop it up with task<br>So while the trial awaits<br>Some nigga walks up and pumped his ass<br>Because the niggas in the o are hard as fuck<br>We sell peruvian flake, get it powdered, or rocked up<br>Don't want nothin from life but to retire from the game<br>Motherfuckin city of cocaine,<br><br>City of dope<br>East oakland, yeah that's right<br>The city of dope<br>East oakland, yeah that's right<br><br>Verse 2:<br><br>Them task folks can't stop us<br>High school niggas get caught with a hundred g's<br>Stashed in his locker along with a chopper<br>Niggas be ballin like a doctor, or a surgeon<br>M.c. hammer splurgin'<br>He bought up countless brand new helicopters<br>And suburbans, now he hurtin<br>The feds spilled they base downtown<br>So now it's curtains<br>Niggas be perpin' off<br>Certain it's gon' be a sweep<br>Dope feind came through last week<br>Told me it's gonna be a sweep<br>1991's the number nigga<br>End of the summer<br>Niggas ain't ridin no fuckin hummers<br>We ride under buckets and try to stay on the slunder<br>I wonder, wonder what they would do<br>To a nigga who get caught with 2 pounds of thunder<br>Straight from humboldt county, fuck that brown<br>Weed all should be green like the jungle<br>Dope fiends tryin to warn us<br>Settin' up scene still in a bundle<br>We beat they ass and drag them from they hair<br>Just like repunzel<br>Don't fuck up our hustle<br>But anyway the day came just as predicted<br>I'm up at 6 in the mornin' takin early morning pissin'<br>Pulled down my britches, and a nigga almost shitted<br>I heard somebody walkin on the roof<br>I cocked the fo-fitness<br>Woke my cousin mike up<br>Could be some niggas sent to strike us<br>Cause back then so many niggas didn't like us<br>Looked out the window, all I saw<br>Was fbi and snipers<br>I let the china white flush<br>And put that motherfucking 4-5 up<br>See the dope fiend he informed us<br>Told us it's gonna be a sweep and then<br>He tried to warn us<br>But niggas out here try to make they money<br>So we 'nourmous<br>Then only a battering ram<br>Bustin down your shit, 'nourmous<br>Highway patrols, 5.0's, ambulance and coroners<br>In case there was a shootout or high-speed chase performance<br>By 9:00 they lock down each baller from every corner<br>From north to west on down to east oakland california<br>But, but, them niggas from the o is hard as fuck<br>We sell peruvian flake powder or get it rocked up<br>Want nothing in life but to retire from the game<br>With some change in the city of cocaine,<br><br>East oakland, yeah that's right<br>City of dope<br>East oakland, yeah that's right<br>City of dope

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