YUKMOUTH - Bumbell

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[tech n9ne] (yukmouth)<br>Regime killas, ah<br>What the deal<br>(it's that lethal)<br>What's poppin<br>Regime niggas in this motherfucker for the one nine nine twist bitch<br>(uh, that regime shit)<br>Regime shit, yeah<br>(done deal, bumbell)<br>New millenium rhymers nigga<br>(what, tech a nina)<br>The bumbell<br>Where the fuck you at<br>(up in this bitch)<br><br>[yukmouth] (tech n9ne)<br>Uh, what uh, introducin two of the regime's finest<br>(regime) tech a nina<br>And smoke a lot himself<br>(smoke a lot, bumbell)<br>Let's serve these niggas with the straight shh, uh nigga<br>(in your back bitch)<br>Fuck that, I'm tired of not being of the bungalow shit<br>This bumbell for you nigga<br><br>[yukmouth]<br>It's bumbell bumbell, that's straight rapid fire<br>That override your ampliphiers and the woofers<br>Your bass tube hook ups shut the fuck up with wires cooked up<br>Niggas stash my tape like gats in the bushes, it's that lethal<br>It'll probably have you killing people, for real<br>Cops say it's illegal to have a yuk tape in your possesion<br>Niggas keep going to jail for 11, 350's and 211's<br>187's, concealed weapons, all the above<br>Tear the fuckin club up with my nigga what<br><br>[tech n9ne]<br>That tech n9ne nigga, lyrically blind niggas on the grind<br>All the time you will find I spiritually define nigga, rhyme killa<br>I'm the purer from missour-a<br>Quick when I rip shit trip this animalistic, fuck ace ventura<br>By the power of my dead niggas i'ma ride this like a rollercoaster<br>Ain't nobody fuckin with my niggas I'm the killa representin cosa nostra<br>So bust like you're supposed to<br>We guaranteed this gon sell cuz this shit's the bumbell nigga<br><br>[chorus: (tech n9ne)] x 2<br>(ba bum)<br>This shit is heated (ba bum)<br>Your shit's deleted (ba bum)<br>And when you need it (ba bum)<br>We drunk and weeded<br>As long as this rap shit sells<br>Us niggas with figures we keep releasin the bumbell<br><br>[yukmouth]<br>Bitch I can make ya ? ven? (ba bum)<br>Make ya ? land? (ba bum)<br>Make the fans (ba bum)<br>Gang related dance (ba bum)<br>I can make the hood (ba bum)<br>Make your ? kim wood? (ba bum)<br>Make your stereo (ba bum)<br>Make calico (ba bum)<br>They dumpin on us, clunk clunk go the trunk<br>Grab the pump, bang my shit when you in the mist to funk<br>Or get shit crunked<br>When shit jumps, I'm the theme music<br>Like thorazine, the fiends cling to it<br>I didn't mean to do it<br>The music made me do it, it made me loose it<br>Got my mind playin tricks<br>Now my nine can't stop sprayin shit<br>Until the nigga lay in a ditch<br>And when I played this shit it blew my speakers out<br>Looked out the window I saw dope fiends and tweakers out in the<br>Middle of the street doing the electric slide, you shoulda peeped it out<br>It got me geeked out, hustlin makin scrilla<br>After every word I got to say nigga<br>Like what's up nigga? <br>Let's smoke this blunt nigga<br>Oh, yesterday got caught, got fucked up nigga<br>You bumpin yuk nigga? <br>Oh that's the bumbell<br><br>[chorus] x 2<br><br>[tech n9ne]<br>We're now listening to the sounds of tech n9ne<br>I don't need no medication, I just packs my crispy flows<br>Endo, rum and fornication, jammed up for y'all filthy hoes<br>That nigga named tech n9ne is a motherfucker on gang related<br>Hater's gotta respect mine or the next time get strangulated<br>Rap a lot summoned me, I told em that I had a gun in me<br>Loony as a nigga wanna be, kindly get the fuck from front of me<br>Sleepin with a black cat in my lap, spliitin poles daily<br>Under a lot of weight and on a bus on a broken mirror don't faze me<br>They say tech when I rap you wouldn't be alive<br>Fuck that, I got niggas lettin em go for tweleve five, bumbell's live<br>We bringin heat to the game, deep when we came<br>Niggas fucked up and put they feet to the flame<br>Got that (ish) if you want it, gives a (uff) I'm a flaunt it<br>That (haaaa) got niggas thinkin I'm hunted, the bumbell<br><br>[chorus] x 2<br><br>[tech n9ne] (yukmouth)<br>Yeah (live and direct)<br>Kc meets oakland, oakland meets houston, a killa mixture<br>(bumbell) bumbell (what)<br>Tech n9ne (regime shit)<br>Ish, uck, nigga<br>What you wanna do<br>Regime crew<br>Like that nigga<br>Me and yuknouth up in this motherfucker puttin this shit in your back<br>For the one nine nine twist<br>You know what I'm sizzlin? <br>You know what I'm sizzlin? <br>You know what I'm sizzlin? <br>Regime killas!<br>(thugged out, yukmouth)

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