Your Old Droog

Your Old Droog - Sasquatch in a UFO

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This man in the saucer, can you describe him?

He was small and skinny, he had a...

His head was pointy and came to a very sharp point

He had long green hair, his eyes were sort of hungrish red

He had large ears that performed like an antenna

(Now what'd he say?)


Waddup waddup waddup waddup waddup waddup waddup



I come through like a UFO

Couple buddies on my Hugh Heff flow

LDL, we the new death row

Yo favorite rapper is kaput

I might pull a Sugar Dandle that fool by the foot

I'm somethin' like a heart brawl

What I look like with a cath mark card jaw

That's why I hit the stew

Kick 'em out the lab, we booth russians

Featherweight crushers, make shakes outta toothbrushes

Neva ate gushes, aye-yo

Hang on raps but I still pop a shot at ya

Hit you with the hadada from the ahahah

I send a burner, grindin' nice pain

RAAAA RAAAA, have ya dippin' dots like the ice crane


(Verse 2)

Droog is the hood sasquatch

Drinkin' some good ass scotch

As he plan to watch 'Whiteboyz' with Danny Hoch

Vintia watch, took it up a notch

So independent, shit, I might buy a couch

How many deals you gon' try to botch?

Plus, I heard yo bitch burnin', givin' new meanin' to fire crotch

On the roll, I can't vow with some posers

I got sweets, like classical composers

Months go by, these rappers didn't write a thing

I'm here studying the score of the writer's spring

After which I'll be blowin' out below 'em all

Gone off that marijuan, but I don't fuck with Mary Jane

Only for momentary games (you so crazy)

On the contrary, I'm very sane

These cast snows get the cheesy rap blues

Wife a chick with some sleezy tattoos



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