Your Old Droog

Your Old Droog - Rage Against The Machine

rate me

Never stood on live for retro

And I only went to college to get hoes

Didn’t even get the credits I supposed to get

My school back friends were the only associates

Water the mother

As a kid I just wanted that first grade LP

You would party on a cover

Just cover one yesterday

About to hit him with that ________

The trap is mellow

Used to rap like Tom Morello

Yeah I’m a calm fellow

Don’t got to yell every time

Captain call mom

Niggaz call mine

Villain got a Brazil

And he be home buzzing

Like I’m anonymous still

And the project like the human gino

No more esteem and Dutch leaves

Hold the weed on my fist

Being an underpassed hearing this

Getting smart against a machine , read less



Never cared too much for ___

The president that smiles good and plays golf

Against mine who’s getting dope from your mom’s G

Phones off call me Phontovski

When I was 10 I stole 20 on my grandma’s purse

This is air tight capitalist

My mom’s called me evil and a pie taker

Step through the fire escape

Still force myself to like it

Call it, but the one that I want it , has it

Vote the Godzilla soundtrack

Listen to it

4th right culture,Americana

I wonder what they have to say about Eric Connor

Why they push and knock down towers?

Why men have to climb up that tower?

You will be amazed

From the first album

The Renegates are far

We love rage,rage,rage




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