Your Old Droog

Your Old Droog - Freeway Fire

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Crash on a freeway, lettin' it splash

You fuckin' with me, been _______(?)

____(?) I ain't lettin' it pass

Pull a Leon and get in that ass

You got the battle, I'm winnin' the war

Classic _______(?)

For mixtape shit you got the nack

But you by this, why you ain't been put on the track?

See the way I'm twistin' words?

Flow so unorthodox? We doin' it for the nerds

I do it for 'em blocks that only buy us and the locks

And the corner store with the ox, next to the holster's brand kegs

Throwin' it into these handshakes(?!)

We're talkin' bloods and crips

Christians, jews, muslims

Suities and CIs, Sawyer girls, she aight

You had to flee the fight, this one chose fight

Three did the re-does, remix fine

03 black-out, when these people gon' see the light?

(We're not done!)

(Verse 2)

Came out the game with that heat bocked

You pussies gettin' treated for sack, no rubber

I'm runnin' the war, she luv it, what's all the fuss for?

Got a problem with me? You can breech me for what I ______(?)

The hustler

I was all ova J-Records, your career dwindled on J-Records

That ain't even a shout to cash, cause casualty slay

And cats who can freestyle all day

But their songs are trash, that will neva thub

It's like cocaine. Why give 'em alarm?

When you can give 'em somethin' to bump

Ya feel me?

(Verse 3)

Look-e here, I can tell you that I don't do a cappella

Gimme a track, the dash burn

Helled up and trashed, make ya feel like your sun just crashed

80 core pile-up (?!)

You're doin' this since ______(?)

Not the guy you wanna rile up

Cuz I can and will pull yo file up

_____(?) eatin' the beat like the bacon wrap buffet ____(?)

Tho we hit the scripper stroll, get a gallop on the pole

Like the gallopo, just sit back while I run shit

Man, you punkers know the role

Befo' I send you to the black hole

That's the void, the illest flow since Freeway

With punchlines like Fathom Roy, don't even gotta get dissed

To get destroyed, overjoyed

And by the way, how's your hemorrhoids?

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