Your Demise

Your Demise - Gutted

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Slit open your throat and piss down your neck<br />

Tie you to my car and drive til you're dead<br />

Break into your house and set fire to you in your bed<br />

When you get out cunt, better watch where you tread<br />

Cos there's hundreds of us who are after your head<br />

We'll come down on you like two tonnes of lead<br />

You've fucked yourself over and you better regret<br />

We'll end your life for you there's no need to fret<br />

You're fucking dead<br />

You fucking cunt<br />

<br />

It takes quite a lot to crush my family<br />

A sight that I guess I will never see<br />

It's not as if we do as we please<br />

But we stick to the rules and get justice you see<br />

<br />

And don't ever think you'll get away<br />

Take more than 15 years for us to forget<br />

We'll take you down when you least expect<br />

Break your face, break your eyes, break your legs, break your neck<br />

We never expected this, it's what makes it worse<br />

Your time is waiting for your ride in a hearse<br />

When I see your face I just know<br />

That I'll burst and explode my first on your face, <br />

And crush your brain to the dirt

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