YOUNGBLOODZ - Pop, Pop, Pop / Cutting Tonight Interlude

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It's Attic Crew, know what I'm saying

Want our corner back, A-Town, home team rule

For real

It's like shake, rattle, roll

It all started 105 Creel Road

And all y'all niggas hitting licks, who didn't know

It's 50 niggas behind these closed doors

So don't lose your grip, don't run your lip

These niggas pull them thangs

And they can't know worth a flip

But whos to blame, time done changed

Feet off in some grease, slicker than it was man

Brand new look, cause its a brand new day

Gonna hit a lick, buy a hoe, then you on your way

See somewhere down the line, you must have fucked up

I was taught not to pay these hoes, to get these hoes legs up

See back in the day, you know it for sho'

Grandma said she ain't play, and they ain't play a radio

So I took up them words, got back on the curb

Now I'm bumping like a mug, ain't no getting the 3rd

Nothing but dirt, being done

Ain't honest work, but it bringing in them funds

I said I'm trapped in this thang, plenty years of being slum

And highly qualified for hitting niggas for they bum nigga


Pop, Pop, Pop, your partner got bust, he's a gonner black

The A-Town niggas want they corner back

[gunfire] Stick em'

We looking for em', don't be wid' em

Cock back and let that thang, thang, hit em', Get em

Now be prepared for when a time come for us to bust

As I engage in ways, out as a stray, like craze

Deep in this everglaze, took ?taser nuts?

Out in the battlefields, now what it is

You can't understand as I fulfill the need

To take it upon myself, to thrash and bash your ass

Now feel the wrath, as we ignite unto the path

So is it a ?? for acting like a bitch

Youngbloodz, Atlantas own, two strong off in this shit

And if with them whips, you trip

Ready to fight for what you claim

As if its a game of nuts, don't see what this might contain

So now you in range to gain the strength off which you feed

But as you can see, you headed for trouble, thats you and me

And with full speeds, you reapin' and tweetin' on down the line

So nigga here it is, cause niggas steady on the grind nigga


I'll get em' back, trying to sack up my last little dope

I wonder if these boys got a scope on your fore'

And I know they don't, really don't give a shit

All I know, these niggas puttin' a hand on my profit

Gonna quit, really soon

Got thangs, ?? , right back on the clock and boom and

You losing your motherfucking mind, better realize

You gotta meet up with these country niggas eye to eye

So, don't make no dumb move

You outside your boundary nigga, the home team rule

Remember my nigga, see we done put it down for years

What the hell make you think we just gonna give it up like this

See your dividends, your only friend, gonna get you snatched up

And your back, looking weak, cause money sure can't knuck'

Your casket closed you got stuck in red dirt

And I pray for the family of the victim who got hurt nigga

Now through the dust I seen you coming from a mile away

Now give me three within' this distance and be on your way

Cause nowadays these niggas act as if its all good

To walk around with smiles, as if they know they could

And if they should, I'd be the first to let these niggas know

That I ain't the one to be played, so leave that for them hoes

And to them fake ass niggas who swear they real

Better know what to do before you find yourself revealed


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