YOUNGBLOODZ - Excuse Me Shawty

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(feat. Lil' Scrappy)

[Chorus x2:]

Excuse Me Shawty Get The Fuck Out Of My Face

Before We Get Mad And Shoot Up The Whole Place

Im Sometin Like A Pimp Thats Why U Bitch In My Face So Slow Down Partner Before I Catch Anotha Case

[Sean Paul:]

Im Neva Goin Back Ima Get It How I Live

Just Last Year I Was Busy Countin A Mill

I Moved Out Da Hood And Now My House Is On A Hill

And I Aint Takin Shots Bitch My Jewelry All Real

First Class Trips When I Pimped Outta Town

Fine Yellow Bitch When A Nigga Touch Down

Five Star Wolves When A Nigga Need Rest

He Buy A Four Five Bitches When A Nigga Need Six

I Rocka Every Year And I Dont Wear Rolex

And I Baby Deep A Bitch Dis A Whole Chick

So Nigga Dont Flex Cuz Im Down For A Call

My Pistol In My Pants Barely Hanging By My Balls

And If It Get Crunk From The Weather To The Wild

Ima Pull It Out And Tell A Nigga Asshole

And If It Aint Needed Smack His Ass In A Mall

And East Side Stamp His Ass Till He Pass Out

[Chorus x2]

[Lil' Scrappy:]

Haters In My Town

Nigga Wanna Shoot U Up Then Steal Ma Smile Like U R Not Yall Nigas Gon Clown

Atleast Tell When U Wanna Fuck Around

I Made A Move Then Ima Sprank And Bussin

Its Cuz You Girlfriend Was Tryna Sell Me Sometin

Im Showin Hood Love And I Aint Seeing Notin Back

Can You Please Tell Me Wat Part Of The Game Is Dat

Im Not Hard But Im Realy In Ur Act

With The Old 57 I Bet I Make You Do It Like Dat

Straight Butt Naked Hittin U Mothafuka From The Back

Hookin My Enemies Down Like A Game Of Track

Yeah, 1 Nigga, 2 Nigga, 3 Nigga Me

Yall Niggas Frontin Wit No One Up Toolery

So Wat Ur Girlfriend Got To Do With Me

Lil Scrappy Gettin Cash And Cut Your Throat For Free

[Chorus x2]


See Im A Big Time Playa I Kno U Heard Bout Me

Its Been A While Since The Last Time So Neva Doubt Me

Im Rollin Wit Niggas Whose Kool Is Down To Do Whateva

Just For Da Love Like A Cuz And I Aint Gon Need No Chedda

So Wats Ya Issue How U Feelin Aint A Thang Nigga

Its East Side Atl Its Wat I Claim Nigga

So Fall Back Take That Beside Ur Head See

We Run This Shit And Stomp Them Bladder Till Their Noe Bleed

Fuck Wat U Talkin Then Ur Partner Then Whose A Dog

We In The Club Get Crunk Drankin For All Of Yall

I Representin Ill Let You Know Just How We Do It Big

And Give A Damn Bout Wat They Say And I Neva Did

Cuz Im Gon Keep On Doing Wat The Fuck I Gotta Do

Ride Clean Set My Bretta Keep A Brand New Pair Of Shoes

So How U Love Dat We Back Up Still A Pin Of Miss

Storin Up Some Shit Straight Stripes And Neva Pikin Up Our Mess

[Chorus x2]

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