Young Pooh

Young Pooh - X File lyrics

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Roll with this heavy metal swing it like a ...

In the hood check my resume tiger strikes

Call it out the jungle .. the way I spread it

Mean while take a look at this

Go presidential role you are my …

Canary ..that metal spit I am gonna rap on that double shit

Niggers looking at the referees call it a .. as hard ball in the game

Don’t get out of ..when it is one I tell my .. has been around

I take a trip to Jamaica ..niggers who really are touching that paper

And I want it all .. make your ass wet .. and that bitch got an extender ..

Told them get low double G and I let them fly

Man bus down .. I am an X file fucking reptile .. when the touch down

Niggers .. on that crip shit .. wanted to see me .. I am a hundred on that g shit

.. bitches glancing at this . party of the year I am not the nigger … broad day ..

And nigger say you are alright but they don’t really … a tear through

,, hold back at the swag .. he is tied up I am on a roll on tour in my badroom

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