rate me

Guess who's back up in the building

Mind on a million some bitch from Decatur

She be holding my cash I be holding her down

She be holding my work I be dicking her down

Just got a call from the other side of town

Say he trying to come up the opposite of down

Just hope he ain't the feds nigga I'm a do me

Said he coming right back he gone need another three

Two plates four birds one nigga ooh wee

Mr.17.5 yeah they know shawty low

Anything about blow bet ya ass shawty know

Now all the real bitches say shawty go shawty go

I'm a black tee wearing hell naw I ain't caring

I'll wresk this bitch and come back in a mclarren

Know the feds staring I ain't even caring

dust my 87's off nigga show em ehat im wearing

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