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chorus:time,time all i need is, all i need is time

Chris:i know i promise u da house and tha wheels just need a lil time 4 dat house on da hill i got all tha bills keep this crib 2 so when u in tha city thats a spot we can chill u on ya own been workin all ya life at school every other day workin all ya nights i know u tired of the bull shit ma forget about it now ya boy chris rhyme we good no more corner store grub eat good knowin we gon take advantage as we should as they say we will overcome in tha hood most young over gunz 4 real i lost 3 in like 3 months straight see tha pain then c young face it aint a game they think its all peaches and cream they think im liein sayin im broke and they c me on screen c wat i mean ill let u niggaz read in between just gimme....


Neef: 2 put u right where u need 2 be laims up in tha game now this shit aint wat it used 2 be but ima grind now until we all good til we layin up in tha woods and got property in tha hood runnin real estate dont gotta worry bount bein late or takin orders ya boy wil help support ya funny how tha youngin done did it lotta thought he was gon stop but the boy stuck wit it u even questioned it whole hood stressin it i come 2 far 2 let it go down tha drain but half of u motha fuckaz dont understand my pain i gotta deal wit these laim 2 get diz lil bit of change lil bit of fame and tha gurls think i changed same shit different toilet when u fuckin wit da game i rather do this though but fuck it my rist glow same niggaz who doughted now they sayin we should blow homie aint raise no coward i was takin this shit slow gimme......

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