Young Dro

Young Dro - Dat Loud

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(Ft. Jose Guapo)

… dat loud, dat loud, dat loud!

I’m trying to… dat loud,

.. I don’t know how to act on dat loud,

You can smell me from the back of dat crowd!

Look at me and look at my …

You’ll go home and see it…

Got …at home, but slim,

Waiting like I’m …

Switch that…

They .. with clothes,

Man, I’ll be so fresh on the hood

The hood, the hood, the hood!

… dat loud, dat loud, dat loud! anybody can hear us, they can’t get near us!

… for a bitch

.. I’m trying to get rich,

…girls say what? Don’t worry about shit!

…I’mma light it up…

We’re going in the club and smoke it…

What, what?

… dat loud, dat loud, dat loud!

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