Young Dolph

Young Dolph - Facts

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Yeah, it's Dolph

P.R.E., Paper Route the Empire



I heard my dawg got cancer, said I prayed for Boosie

I can't wait til' my boy come home, free my nigga Gucci

I took one for the team and blew us up like Weezy (Tunechi!)

Made a half a milli in the trenches bumping Jeezy

A million dollars worth of cars, feel like I'm Baby, nigga

Spend all this fuckin' money on ice like I'm crazy, nigga

I just left San Francisco, smokin' flavors with Berner

Still a work a bitch like I'm Ike Turner

My city is to me like Toronto is to Drake

Shout-out to Meek just cause I love to see young niggas get cake

Just ask around this muthafucka, I'm the Jigg in my city

I'm not saying they not good, I'm just saying I'm the realest


Facts! Yeah, young nigga blessed

I feel like every day god put me through a test

Since I was seventeen, I ain't been able to get no rest

Bill time coming up and guess who pay the rent


Damn, man, I miss my grandma and my Uncle Vick

All these fuckin' chains on like I'm Slick Rick

I feel like Master P cause ain't nobody gave me shit

Rozay told me 'young nigga make sure you get your paper'

If we ain't beefing bout no skrilla, then I see you later

Aye, miss me with that fuck shit, man

We all about paper ova here, let's go!

(Verse 2)

When I'm in L.A, I'm only smoking on that platinum

When I'm in the Bay, I'm only smoking on gelato

When I'm in the A, I'm flexing hard, might go tomorrow

Smelling like a pound of weed, we just walked in Wells Fargo

And I fucked the manager last night and she swallowed

One thang bout me, I'm gon' stay fresh as fuck whereva I go

Two thangs bout me, them hoes always go whereva I go

(It's Dolph!)


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