Young De

Young De - Ready to Go

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(ft. Scoop DeVille, Xzibit & Brevi)

Shooting to the moon, with some nice aim,

Doing right thing, how we do it, we do it, we do it right man,

In the black range, I’mma swing out the bang .. to my dime…

I’mma stay getting mad paid, got the…. blowing Kush out the…

Haters get the gas fast, girl I see… come meet me half way!

..I’ll give you a little taste, cause I know you’re nasty!

..what do here, I’m trying to figure out,

I will know what , I don’t have a clue what is all about?

Twenty twos in my Louis shoes, and they’re coming out

Bum bum what you gonna do?

Go run a pal, higher!

Step into the room I’m a tycoon, you know what I do!

I’m a fool, but I make moves, what you gonna do?

You gonna lose if you step to,

Other mother fuckers they ain’t tripping off to get you,

But I’m coming to get you!

You won’t be my..!

Have you ever seen a pitbull let loose?

I don’t really think so!

Let me see it get low!

Talk .. to the mother fucker window!

Mommy got a body getting crazy on the dance floor,

What we need romance for, she just want my cash flow,

..they got … it don’t really matter cause your man is an asshole!

Ha, ha, ha!

Put me in the frame all the lights flash,

Sipping champagne on the plane, let’s fly back.

I’m changing the game, all you bitches getting…

People know my name, came along form... white trash

Put me on my night shift, flipping like a light switch,

Working over times cause ain’t nobody…

..ain’t nobody hiding,

.. I tell ‘em what the time is!

Tell a friend…

.. I don’t give a fuck…

Haters in the trunk tied up blindfold….!

Look up in the sky, not a bird, not a plane,

It’s the… still rocking with the games.

Some things never change, … days on the horizon,

I hang like a new… crushing diamonds.

Time to get my.. sex, money, violence,

Hit him while I go get him, I eat like a lion!

Keep your head down count the shots, keep firing!

This is about surviving, this … bitch, I don’t need …

A couple of dimes when I slide…

..the public like a nigger in the White House,

Everything is virtual, we travel in the right…

Ok! Ok! Ok!

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