Young De

Young De - Can't Always Rain

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now as the rain falls

i think about it all

what i think is right your mom thinks is wrong

all we do is fight we never get alone

so i'm not in your life so what we got is this song

think about the nights reaching for the phone

wishin i could call you just to say hello

ask how you're doing see what's going on

tell you that i lvoe you

and baby be strong

wonder what you think about me

growing up without me

man that's so selfish this ain't even about me

i could be a better man but everybody doubt me

pray for another chance to have around me

this time i .. makes second count

and i'm count down the seconds till i have a ..with my presence

shower you a presence give you the whole world

what i do for another day with ym abby girl

the weather's gota change, gotta change

'cause is came all his ..

there's gotta be some better day

i know that just can

and i wsh i was there

you know i care for you

my fam no traditional but the love unconditional

less time with you

adn more time missing you

sorry i've been gone

you probably think i'm invisible

moved out to town now i count it's ..

but i spoke you today

had the voice of an angel

got to find show you that i'm grateful

growing up make mistakes too

i've stepped up to the play but never came through

i'm sorry i wasn't there on your birthday

your mom swear i wasn't there on your birthday

and i'm sorry for not being a man

the father you deserve in .. with helping man

and i know i can do better than

what i do when i just need another dance

hey yes i understand it don't happen that ..

but it's right ..

[2 x Hook:]

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