Young De

Young De - Cake'n Up

rate me

yeah i got em, yeah i got em

don't worry 'cause i got em

discover like a (ghana) but I'll be bustin on em

my buzzin just alarming

no schools button on it

livin every days a gift so i get everything i want it

she fallin like a comet

crashin' crashin'

always gotta comment

when wasn't nobody asking

this aint' the hottie hottie oh i from (vadio)

when they shoty audio

we leave you audi adios

her body just that cold

bet she barely got a pulse

see a nigga bread and 'los

now she wanna come and toast

man i feel i gotta boast

'cause i got that lava flow

drop em like Geronimo

burn the stage and back the shows


we making money don't let it make us

if you haters wanna hate then you can hate us

got that cell phone connection baby we breaking up

buncha birthdays in this bitch my niggas cake'n up

we cake'n up yeah

we cake'n up yeah

bakery cant make enough

yeah yeah we cake'n up yeah

did my thing she went and wrote my name on it

your picture in a frame. but that chick gave me brain

knowledge no college flow is polished

i demolished no apologies

swallow these anytime you want it

got the balla balla tendencies

all about the dollar so all that wasted energy

better add some commas we in flannels like nirvana

what's the story with no drama

i be on that marijuana

i keep it like a promise

try to keep us in the minus

but dont say .. yeah

double up your salary

I'll be out this galaxy

what they call reality

that aint even challenging to me


big bottles a liquor we ain't sipeprs

she don't want you in her section

cuz you aint gon tip her

your girl followin me got her on my zipper

yes i am Demrick but this isn't twitter

and keep their names on hotels

just don't .. nigga i won't fail

this came from hard work and dedication

ten 20's my medication



Thanks to Alifer for correcting these lyrics

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