Young Cypher

Young Cypher - Road To Perdition Freestyle

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(Intro: Kanye West)

I got these niggas, Breezy

Don't worry bout it


I had a dream I was Martin Luther King

I was making shades of black

Remember back when I was only 16

Spittin' 16, some would say the kid spit crack

But I never stood ova the stove

Unless it's cold outside

My momma askin' me to supple the dish

All I wanted was money to fold

I see that Rove' outside

With a bad bitch, and she ain't givin' me shit

Say no to drama, I'm a real nigga

Neva would in time of hill figure

Cuz he ain't like my brothers

I'd be damn if I show _____(?) and paint that shit on my back

With my niggas still locked in the gutters

No job, no hustle, no motivation

Just pacing in the 98 Jordans that he nava laced in

Tellin' all black men we got to stand up

Feelin' like the system we in is kind of set up

Fuckin' fed up

(Interlude: Kanye West)

(Verse 2)

They say that knowledge is the power

When the power gettin' big, I'm Incredible Hulk

Drinkin' monsters, seein' mobsters

And my bank account all outta commas

You gotta hustle for it

Neva seen a handout, I went the man's route

Doin' different so I stand out

Whatchya playin' bout?

Two ways to get this money

Illegal legal

Both end to property state, no Benny Siegel

I just do it for my people

Wishin' we all equal

You see the lane, see the see-through

Bitches tryna do what we do

Win, win, nigga

See, my story, it just begin, nigga

Hold that bottle, it's full of sin, nigga

Hope this pain it all ends

The end!

(Outro: Kanye West)

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