Young Cypher

Young Cypher - Freedom

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No races, now should be just we

If finely I see trouble know I don’t agree

They just want a brother, yeah just you and me

I mean it’s really y’all here to see

When I see you, I see me

If they ain’t gonna blame you, they gonna blame me

If they ain’t frame you, they gonna frame me

That’s the pinch I don’t wanna see

See my vision is living, they like to come with us

Wishing we just live without the drama

You know sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers

Sleeping in peace and fade the ______(?)

You see it’s freedom what they be taking from us

And we just sitting here let you know

Just keep it cool, why they wicking on us?

Cuz on the real ain’t sweat enough for real

Handcuffs and brutality

And you telling me, this is reality

I mean, please come forth with all analogy

I mean, the same thing happened to me

Going to the ground, a reason at all

My homies was around, they watching at all

The cop broke me down, they watching me fall

And then he took me off with no one to claw

Fucking stupid ass nigga

Man I the y’all niggas

That’s what he was saying while they choking me

Know I’m with the moves cuz she was more bigger

Never told mom, she ain’t flip shit

This world could of a mores brig

Gotta thank God, he on low scripture

She with the black man like a dog ____(?) might flip

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