YOLANDA ADAMS - The Battle Is The Lord's

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The Battle Is The Lord's

Speaking: What are you trying to say Yolanda?

Look forget about all that other junk

this battle ain't yours, its the lord's

think about it, and then start shouting help me sing


There is no pain, Jesus can't feel

There is no hurt, that He can't heal

For all things work [yes they do]

According to the masters purpose

and his holy will

no matter what [you in the balcony]

are going thru, remember that God only wants a chance to use you

for the battle is not yours its the Lord's

[we gonna tell the devil that all right?]

There's no sadness, Jesus cannot feel

and there is no sorrow,

that the master is not able and willing to heal

remember that all things work

they're not gonna be all good

but they sure work according to God's purpose and his holy will

no matter what, no matter what you're going thru

remember God sees all and he knows all

and all he wants to do is use you

for this Battle is not yours its, its its its its the Lord's

This battle is the Lord's. its the Lord's

[yes its the Lord's] it is the Lord's

[but in faith you've got to hold your head up high] hold your head up high

[you belong to the most high God you don't need to cry]

don't you cry its the Lord's

[its the Lord's] its the Lord's

[yeah yeah yes its the Lord's] it is the Lord's

[No matter what] No matter what

[You're going thru] Thru

[Remember its gonna be alright He's just using you]

God is only, using you for he's worthy

[No matter what] no matter what

[you hapen to go thru right now] Thru

[Remember this will be a memory God is only using you]

God is only using you, for he's worthy

[You've got to have faith] No matter what

[You've got to know in your heart] thru

[That no matter what comes no matter what goes

Gos loves ya] God is only using you

[He loves ya (7x's)] its not yours

[And this battle is not yours] no

[He needs a chance to prove to your enemies that he is God]

its the Lord's, its the Lord's not yours

[So what you've got to do is, hold on, hold on] its not yours

[hold on, hold on] yours

[don't give up (4x's] its the Lord's not yours

[Step out on faith 2x, step out on the word of God yea yea] its not yours

[no, no] no

This battle is not your's no, no 2x

If you don't understand anything know that you've been set up by God to be blessed

Understand that it's gotta work this way. Understand that God knows, God knows, God knows what you need before you really need it.

He know how to move you; He knows how to take you around the enemy. He knows how to hide you in the comfort of his arms.

You'll have peace that passeth understanding; you'll have joy like a river overflowing, overflowing, overflowing.

This battle is not your's no tell the devil no this battle is not mine. This battle is not mine.

I don't have to fight it, God is gonna do it 4x

I don't 4x

Nooo 5x

[I'm so glad that God sees it] its not yours

[and he knows all] its the Lord's not yours

This battle is not yours, no, it belongs to the Lord

Hallelujah, yeah

He's just good like that.

Thanks to Nicola for correcting these lyrics

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