Yo Yo

Yo Yo - Tre' Ride

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(feat. MC Breed)


Bounce the Tre'

Bounce nigga, bounce nigga, bounce the Tre'

Bounce nigga, bounce nigga, bounce the Tre'

I said bounce the Tre', I said bounce the Tre'

[Verse 1]

It's a fly day, a hot July day, in the Y-O's

Bounce or fly your Tre' straight out the driveway

Bouncin' in the sunrays, going one way, flossin' in the ride

I hit a left, then popped in the cassette

Of the bounce-rock skate, and blast it as it

Gets much hotter I just gotta gain...

One of these so called Don-Dada's

That's starin' me up & down, I say what's up and clown,

coz I get around

Like my nigga Pac do, and once I start

Wiggling my thing back and forth I've got you

(back, back, forth & forth)

Hypnotised, and uh, Mesmorised, but uh

Nigga get your eyes (wide)

Cause I'm comin' out with the mighty flow, so now you know that uh...

[Chorus: MC Breed]

It's a fly day to twirl them D's

On the W-E-ST-I-D-E

Rocks stay high, rollin' in my Tre' ride

It's a fly day to make some G's

On the W-E-ST-I-D-E

And I'ma stay fly, bouncin' in ma Tre' ride

[Verse 2]

And it goes one to the deuce to the tre' to the four

Just I told you Yo Yo's your

Gene of amazing female... I lay in the Tre', cause I know

I've got the bomb-shit, that you feen for

I've got the bomb-shit, that you lean for

I've seen your Coupe and I'm just not impressed

You can keep your double S, cause my Tre' is double fresh

And I get much love, from the Westside, Westside...

And I bet I... can hit three wheel motions straight to the ocean

Me and my homies straight coastin'

Toastin' the glass in the air, so pre-pare

For Y-O's fly flow, oh yeah

And I'ma keep my ride on this side of LA

And I'ma bounce nigga, bounce nigga, bounce my Tre'


[MC Breed]

What side, nigga, ride, westside [x8]

Get it right...

[Verse 3]

Now I'ma swerve to the top,

and press all you niggas hangin on the block

Come around the corner and let the ass drop

C'mon and let me rock, c'mon and let me rock

Well it's the green eye, you see I lean fly

In the cut, so what's up with the mean eye

Mad doggin' me cause I got the fly anus

Sparklin' D's, with ??? gold ???

Chillin' in the hood I'm the centre of attention

Sixteen switches controlling my suspension

So, uh, which way you want me to dip it?

Front to the back? Or just plain kick it?

And if it's a hot summer's day,

then you might catch a galnce of the Y in her Tre'

Bounce, nigga, bounce

[Chorus: till fade...]

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