Yo Yo

Yo Yo - They Shit Don't Stink

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[Ice Cube:]

You got to know what time it is on my homegirl Yo-Yo

Trick-ass muthafucka

Yo, it's on deck


And that's how we doin this shit

Yo, Yo-Yo, won't you kick that shit...


Flashlight, red light

We don't like stop lights

All I wanna do is gizzo with the flizzo

Wam-bam, I slam

Fat-ass beats with the fat-ass lingo

I catch wreck with the fat-ass single

Gettin them devils in headlocks

Cause nigga, I'm blacker than your dreadlocks

And if you didn't know, I got the chronic, too

I smoke the shit down to the residue

I fell off, but now I'm back

Cause that 'Black Pearl' shit was wack

(Let em know)

Do you wanna go? (Do What?)

With Yo-Yo? (Do wha-diddy?)

Do my thing, baby, but not in the bedroom

Cause all you wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom

Punks spread out, I put the head out

And the Lench Mob crew'll damn sure put the red out

This is dedicated to the one that won't drink

Cause they think they shit don't stink

(Shit, goddamn)

(Yo-Yo is in the house, fool)

I slam

(Yo-Yo is on deck, punk)

I slam


I see your ass sittin in the nailshop

When I walked in all hell dropped

Loose, cause I'm in a deuce with the hard top

Car drop, sittin on Danas

No, I didn't try to hide it

Yup, bitch, my man let me drive it

But you're too cute to shoot the shit

With the girl makin hits

(Really doe) Turnin up your nose

But I heard you can suck a golf ball through a water hose

But don't ask me, I tried to be nice

Trick, I even spoke twice

But you did say nothin

Miss Angel, girl, I know you're frontin

'Why must you be like that?'

With your flat ass along with your flat chest

Got your back tied to a matress

Undercover hoe, but you're a good actress

Yeah, I'm talkin to the girl in pink

That one that thinks her shit don't stink

[B-Real] (I got sometin for the hoes that be schemin)


Mister, Mister Sophisticated

You don't get along with every girl you faded

Met your ass dancin at a club

You tried to rodeo-do with your rubber-dub-dub

You don't like rap, but you like jazz

Go on, girl, with your punk-ass

Mister Macka-Frama-Lama

Wouldn't bust a grape with a sledgehammer

And you look about as sweet as a lemon drop

Try to act hard, just like a woman cop

I don't think your drawers fit

And like Michael J. you wanna keep it in the closet

But who cares that you wear Lee Nails

And act just like the females

Saw you at the skating rink

Stuck up as hell, like your shit don't stink

[Ice Cube:]

Trick-ass nigga, didn't you know

(I slam)

(Shit, goddamn)

You'se a bitch

(I slam)

Yo, and that's how it's goin on


Cause it's on like Donkey Kong

To the break of muthafuckin dawn

When Yo-Yo's in the house

For you trick-ass niggas out there

And you trick-ass bitches out there

That's how we doin it

Yo, this ain't that 'Black Pearl' shit

This's some new shit

You better ask somebody to act like you know, muthafucka

That's how we doin it in the nine-trey

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