Yo Yo

Yo Yo - A Few Good Men

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Shit is gettin hectic now, can you feel it?

Los Angeles done got so scandalous

It might be a nice visit

But you wouldn't wanna live here

Cause some be so hungry

They at each other's throat, just for a c-note

And wouldn't give a fuck if it was just a buck

Because the value of life is at rock bottom

And now I'm seein brothers fall like it was autumn

Caught him lax, end up maxin in a trunk dead

With a slug in his head, and he stink like a skunk

Now that's a goddamn shame

When life don't mean a thing

And brothers'd rather bang

And go out backwards, and catch a bullet for they set

Doin life, and ain't even 18 yet

And it's never too late to retaliate

Black-on-black crime, it equals our time

In the land of opportunity, which is ironic

Brothers can't find a job, so they sell the chronic

And get you hooked on it like phonics

That's '92 black economics

Or go army, and be all you can never be

In the 'home of the brave', land of the never-free

Asiatic black man and woman, I'm curious

Shit, it ain't never that serious

Cause that's worldwide genocide

I can't count the amount of black men that died

(1, 2, 3...)

Every since I was a juvenile

Damn, another day, another funeral

It's just a few good men


(I'm gon'...)

(...See what these black men are all about)

It's just a few good men


Seems like it's just a few good men left

I know I can find me one, but hold your breath

Cause most niggas is scared of a revolution

And they may as well be douchin

Cause if you ain't part of the solution

Sweetheart, you're part of the problem

So I've come a long-ass way

Baby, and maybe the homegirl don't play

But that's more than I can say for the opposite sex

That's wearin these X hats

And won't even bust a grape for the cause

Just flappin they jaws

Mr. Too Black Too Strong

Nigga, you got it all wrong

If you think the war ain't on

So who's down to put the work in?

Wave your hands, we just need a few good men


(Do you wanna see...)

(...What these black men are all about)

Just a few good men

(Do you wanna see...)

(...What these black men are all about)


So Yo-Yo wanna know what you stand fo'

Money, fame, or game, or some hoe

Everything but the right thing


That's why you're gettin stretched out like kite string

In the penitentiary with no hope

They say the devil is dope

Over 500'000 is housin in American prisons

But then, who really listens?

To the plea of a negro

It's just: "Yeah, we know, we know..."

And girl, don't you be no fool, either

And get to thinkin that you won't be the

Next Twana, or better yet Latasha

God bless the child that's gettin wild

So if you're a real black man, let me hear you shout

(Whoaw!) And don't punk out


(I'm gon'...)

(...See what these black men are all about)

It's just a few good men



It's just a few good men

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