YG - G Thang lyrics

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Ft. Blanco, DB The General, Fiend & A.V


She want to fuck me then suck me, she want to lick me then do me

She want to fuck then make a movie in a jacuzzi

Young Spike Lee fuck you in a my white tee

Hard on a bitch now her mama don’t like me

She got a thing fo' robbers, she got a thing fo' choppas

She want nae in that cy, she got a thing fo' sackers

I got a thing fo' bad bitches, marijuana, big money

Fresh whips, sex hit, couple granits beside me

I was a jacka, yea, I used to rob niggas

Now I bar run the thing, so I can live niggas

If I'm waitin' fo', I'm goin' back to rob niggas

Muggin' fo' these hoes, young mob niggas

When these hoes is cannalis is when we do it how we do it

They good fo' sum', nig' at least I gotta use 'em

Goin' hard and goin' all, too ugly bitches, that's a no-no


Smokin' out the glass house

Fuck up at the glass house

I be on that G shit

G shit, G shit, G shit, G shit

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