YG Hootie

YG Hootie - 730 lyrics

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It was like 7.30 this morning

I was going crazy

I ain’t with the flexin’

Pull up with the business

I bet the niggaz gonna get it

Beg the bitches to get it

My family’s so strong

I can no longer prolong

Now they told me to go long

I did it

Ad all this shit these niggaz kickin’

We live it

My new album on the way

I'm droppin' early

In the lab early mornin'

Boy, I'm goin' 7:30

Think about my niggaz

Right behind

When I miss my niggaz

Homie this is not a cartoon

I was around the block

I was a child

It was 7.30

My life ______

I feel fine now

Like niggaz bite down

All these rappers have tough shit

Watch them pipe down

This is for Fat Freddie

He left the hood early

When the niggaz weren’t ready

Talkin’ around my niggaz go 7.30

My fingers are still dirty

7.30 , my mind’s on 7.30

Up working just like the birdies

7.30 , my niggaz are on 7.30

24/7 just take the block to sleep hoe

I see girls blast

You ain’t fuckin’ with the West Coast

Homie now stop it

Get on the mic and pop it

Like I’m a young prophet

If you bust the homie

Then you’re on my check list

Hood’s on 7.30

Man they say I’m reckless

Blowin’ cush , no one’s gonna see the seconds

Early in the morning poppin’ like the warehouse

At our spot

Suck the nigga’s clear mind

7.30 , head to the dinner anyway

We on the free band shit anyway

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