rate me

reaping the seeds i planted

things that i always took for granted

i feel a little bit unstable

tell me if i'm willing are you able

to come and help me out right now?

if you do, i'm resolute

i wonÿt back down

broken and i'm still breaking

change is my latest undertaking

iÿm only hoping that tomorrow

has a greater hope for me to borrow

iÿm separated from the rest

i will try, but i can only do my best

today i saw myself with honest eyes

and my face i barely recognized.

if the wounded never heal

what will i do?

how will i feel?

can i assume,

at least pretend,

that things will work out in the end?

sunken and I'm still sinking

and you're the only thing I'm thinking of

ties that I could hardly sever

when I'm needing you now more than ever

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