Yelawolf - 6 Feet Underground lyrics

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[Hook: Tim Armstrong] x2You cant push us around(You cant push us around! )You cant push us around(You cant push us around! )You cant push us around(You cant push us around! )If you try, going to lie6 feet underground[Verse 1:]Papas in the closet, loading up that buckshotLittle sister hide behind the grandfather clockIve seen that old blood money get washedI watched the shotgun shell go popGot a couple rounds in the Chevy ashtrayI dont know why I was made this waySec-ur-ity dont want to get meIf we can; t get in, the fuck you say?Too much billy is in this cupToo many people are in this clubYou keep looking at me like you want to jumpIf we let loose homie, you wont get up[Hook][Verse 2:]Little brother plays in the front yard gymHe only thinks, Jims too quickHe stands 5 foot 2, nickname SlimMotherfucker thinks hes 6 foot 10Never seen a young man act so toughNever see a frown? drownPut another pit back in his cupYou know its a fucking party when they coaster downI know a little something about getting highI know a little something about getting drunkYou fuck with the Wolfpack and everybody criesSo go jump in the pen and?[Hook][Verse 3:]I dont really know whats wrong with me latelyI dont really feel like myselfEverybodys reaching for moneySorry I cant help? like I throw you a boneBut if you were my dog, I wouldnt throw you a boneId throw you a logWith, both of my kneesBoth of my knees, on the ground(Im dropping famous shit)People that are close to me know that god damnDrew? famous quickRow with the boat, ?With the bottle, my heinous kidJump, when I say, jumpYouve got to jump? clearStand up with teamStand up on the ball! Like a fucking animalEat, if I got to eatIm a eat you alive! TwiceAnd dont make me say it again motherfucker! [Hook]

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