Xystus - Act 2 Sc. 5: The Message

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Emperor Primos:]

No matter what I do

This craving never seems to fade

Death made me envy him

The aching wore my patience thin

I thrive on my rage

The hours seemed days as I thought:

"Yes... Death is a Godsend,

For power sooths my pain..."


You can't say you're healing

It's ought to feel nice... pretty good

To see all those beneath you

Blaming their God - instead of you

Primos you've been fooled

You're Dreath's recruit - merely a tool

He promised you a cure

To fix the void inside your soul...

Alas... this isn't so

Your mind has been tricked by the

Serpent's tongue

You've merely become what he'd

Seen in you:

A pawn of Death

[Emperor Primos:]

You think I'm so naive?

No - Death won't trick me!

But why do I feel strange?

I seem to hesitate

A voice inside my head

Why won't it leave me be?

I feel... I know...


Primos you've been fooled

You're Death's recruit - merely a tool

He promised you a cure

To fix the void inside your soul

A heart corrupted by evil

[Emperor Primos:]

I can't let go... It's like I'm not in



Believe... you have the strength to break free...

[Emperor Primos:]

I'm ashamed of what I became

Throughout the years


Know this:

There is no fate

But what we make for ourselves

All can change

When the mind is the heart

Be one in body and soul

Go back - to the moment you chose

Your dark ways

Go back and relive all those moments

Of fear

Relinquish yourself from the chains of

The past

And you'll be freed from Death


Primos - don't you dare betray me

Diegu tells you nothing lies

Think of the man

I have let you become

I gave you life - through me you've


I gave you all - when nothing was left

But dust

I was the one who offered you

A chance to see it all anew

I gave you might beyond compare

I will avenge myself - I swear


Oh, it has been a burden to carry

[Emperor Primos:]

I will learn...

To med the future I shattered


What lies ahead...

Where do you wish to begin?

Emperor Primos:

Lead the way,

I wish to speak to Aveline

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