XV - All About Me

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Yeah, it's all about you!

One time

Is it all about me or is it all about you? x2

Fuck it!


See I gotta be this blunt

Cause that's all that these chicks want

Cause never mixed up

Never diamond studded a wrist up

And get brunch, I hit three times an skipped lunch

You get once!

Schoolboy gave me a little advice

"If you fucked her once, you can fuck her twice"

He forgot to tell me that these bitches fuck for hype

So get fucking paid and you can fuck all night

Fucking right! That's the recipe

Hope this tape don't make you think less of me

I said that to my baby girl especially

She said don't ever let the game get the best of me

So I've been holding back the album until they mess with me

Soon as I drop it they gon' freshman me

Unless it mean a million dollar check to me, no sleep

Save the rest for you cause it's all about me

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