XPLICIT - Thugz Life

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(feat. Bizzy Bone)

[Chorus: Bizzy Bone]

You just take some guns (guns)

alcohol and drugs

cause there's a lot of strife (strife) in the thugs life, yeah-e yeah-ah

[Verse 1: Xplicit]

The first day of the rest of my life X stand behind the mic like walker cronkite,

cause I was born to parents who didn't go one day without a fight, yo that ain't way life's supposed to be, right?

They told me it was normal, they didn't teach me to dress formal,

and my mum was a taxi driver,

and my daddy was a street fighter,

I wake up findin mommy dead,

doin nothin but layin on her bed,

call the cops were the last words she said,

my daddy went to jail, he liked to sail,

he liked the hail and then I knew it would prevel- my life as a rapper,

cuz we ain't bringin you a gangsta attack,

we bringin you gangsta rap, cuz life is tough for me,

life is rough for me, it should be plain for everyone to see,

that no nigga should fuck with me, I came up with a hard life,

cuz Compton shows a lotta strife, I don't even think I ever want a wife,

cuz I don't think any bitch suits me, cuz I like were AK bullets fly freely,

Ay yo Pac may I ask, is brenda still throwin babies in the trash?

Look what happened to me, now I'm livin in the ghetto,

Hey yo dad, why were you actinn like you're this big boss,

nigga shut the fuck up, you ain't no pro,

shit man I found out you was on some serious dope,

what was it, speed, weed or coke? Yo, I ain't gunna keep my mouth sealed,

you think I care how you feel, Yo I'm happy you don't get to bath,

cause look at my aftermath, You was a shit father,

how could you do it, she was my mother!

She was your cousin AND your wife, nigga fuck I hate you,

how could you just put an end to someone's life,

cuz this is the Thugz Life, so check it

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Bizzy Bone]

Nigga we represent the planet get schizophrenic and panic

Maybe the past would understand

If they'd get off there ass and mash

How do you manage?

Paranoid, don't even trust my boyz

Watch for the plot and delays envoys

Scopin like a dope fiend

But I'm smokin in the alleyz

With these ghetto guns and erase my funds

Watts niggas in Cali take bullets to the brain

Still rowdy, Jesus really never died

You crucified mutual suicide, who am I?

Local with vocals going coast to coast

Heaven'll move me right fo sho

Deception weather my brethren

but sunny days when they parlay

Get killed when they get to steppin

Member the wepon's close

and the doctor said

I need time to myself on the ocean

Those frivolous thoughts

But I'm brought up of this independent

Caught up sever relentless

Evil intentions nobody knows him

Even the henchmen warrior, poet,

never did mention

I love my lady rebel

We can get this stroke on, we can get this stroke on,

and we can get this stroke on, and we can get this stroke on, so...

[Chorus x3]

[Outro: Xplicit]

Yo, nigga fuck this shit, yeah you know... what goes around comes around, it's called karma, oh yeah- Lachlan MC fuck you and your fuckin fat mama, you east coast muthafucka, yo WEST COAST FOR LIFE! (Loud Gun Shot)

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