Xlooking Forwardx

Xlooking Forwardx - Sidelines Lyrics

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Talk about the spirit of ’88

that’s great!

You kids today don’t even know hardcore


Well I happen to think things are cool the way they are.

So far so good,

take you attitude home.

I wish you would!

From the outside looking in

it’s easy to advise.

Of all the things we should look out for.

And all the things that breed demise.

And you’ve got answers for questions

no one’s even asking.

Wasting all of our time just comparing and contrasting.

Things that no one cares about

so give it a rest.

Give us all a rest.

Well if it sucks so bad then why come around?

Things aren’t even half as bad as you make them sound.

We don’t want to hear your whining - you’ve got no solutions.

Take you attitude home. that’s all the contribution

we need

from you.

Thanks to Adrina for these lyrics

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