Xentrix - Heaven Cent

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You know you're fooling the people

When you tell your lies.

Corrupting innocent children,

Through your thin disguise.

You use their ignorance

To try and gain some trust.

How clean are your hands?

Your methods are unjust.

Another day, another dollar,

Another brain dead who will follow you.

Do you know what we represent?

No questions asked it;'s heaven cent.

Inflicting your terror,

Your victimising all.

No one is safe now,

From your downfall.

The indecent hypocrisy

Inflecting all mankind.

Do they choose not to see,

Or are they just blind?

Another day...

Green after crying out

For authenticity.

Sacrifice the one you love

For your false purity.

Bleeding the people,

Breaking down their will.

Performing the Lord's work

With a deadly skill.

Another day...

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