xDEATHSTARx - The Wake

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Arise and wake

a call out to you Christian

soften your calloused heart

hardness shatters with resistance

this sin can cease to pattern your existence

if you'll take hold of it

this is the day of your salvation

dont squander those gifts of your destiny

there is so little time to make a stand

this is the dawn of all eternity


don't ever settle for it's all within our reach

slumber arose the start of decay in your faith

we step back to the bonds that used to chain us there is nothing now to stop us

so we are the ones in the way

fix your eyes to the end and keep your focus

what have we done with our lives

we were meant for so much more than this

a cry out for the new dawn

arise from fear and loathe

the dawn of our awakening

arise.... steadfast

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