xDEATHSTARx - The Triumph

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As we stand here

Lost and bloodied

Im reminded

Of A

Promise thats made

Not content

To simply feel

This Passion

Cause commitments shown

By conviction

Displayed to the world

So witness the triumph

Death to the sins

So witness the triumph

Been alone


Left in darkeness

And theres

One truth

One life

One wrong and right


And deeds

And actions


Theres something

Tearing us apart

Yet you wont join the fight

So witness the triumph

Death to all sin

So witness the triumph

Im not the pillar

Of Strength

That you think I am

Broken and beaten

And been

Left behind

Stand with you

Side by side

Back to back

Til the end

You need to know

That theres

More to this life

So witness the triumoh

The death to all sins

So witness the triumph


The Triumph


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