xDEATHSTARx - Salvation

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Another modern life

just a crash course to oblivion

preview a battered soul's fall

drowning in the struggle to the surface fades away from

sight shifts to accord with

morals won't suspend the dead weight of the sinking

salvation wrench the soul

step back into the haze

or let new life unfold

eternity, every

the gravity of the unknown

darkness takes move again

so comes the power to oppose

all will prevail who are under

another modern life

a wretched life sad and unworthy

a doubting soul

who can stand in my way

I can not fall one life for all

steal and destroy

you know I've come for this

I'll rip his soul from him

and I'll take pride in it

observe the end it's just begun

I'll bruise my heel but crush your face

Alpha Omega

if this is real let me cease to be

if this is real then let me decrease

Holy, so who am I to trample Him

when every moment is a lifetime

and only death is sure to come

Holy, so who am I to trample him

a beauty beyond our highest sight

and only death is sure to come

death that's sure to come

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