xDEATHSTARx - Red Asphalt

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Open up my wrists

And drain my lifes blood

For my friends, I fail to believe

You can look me in the eyes

Youve lost your faith

A life of digress

Your standards are wrong

Your standards are low

My hands are tied, your the one that set them

God help me, my anger grows

Should friendship stand through this?

My patience ends

Now will you bleed for me

Hollow words

But the saw is family

Process of elimination

Actions show weakness


Try to think of the suffering

That you spare your self the sight

And wont see

Ive looked you in the eye

Confrontation, im not blind or afraid

Hard pressed to shine me off

You tried to say

You never pushed away

Hardcore, true friendship, loyalty

Tolerance is acceptance

For my friends ill bleed

Severed ties

Show true, my stance

For those i care for

To those who fake loyalty

Actions show character

And characters the proof of your believes

Friendship is lost

Friendship is failed

And I wont

Stand by careless

Misery loves company

So take your friends and walk

Dont look to me

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