xDEATHSTARx - Burn Everything

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Burn everything that surrounds you

it will profit you nothing but help to

tear down the walls that blind you because anything would fail in compare to what the soul will find

you say that life is incomplete yet you do nothing

you say you're searching but I thought that would involve yourself

you better believe you can't afford the price you wager

I never knew the stagnance was a means of active help

what are we hoping we will find what is it that we seek

and was the knowledge held but cast aside for self philosophy

reform is feared by empty means

wishing this to last

but then the moments gone, we look away

but not to the sky

burn everything that encompassed you in this life

its time to search with ultra militance

tear down the walls that are blinding you

hell is not our destiny

all that we have is summed up in one choice

this is the apex of our whole existence

the purpose of all life

its time to search with utra militance

because any thing would fail in compare to what He has

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